Current Projects & More

What am I up to these days?

I live in Toronto, don't plan to move any time soon.

I am the Manager, Digital Strategy at Kanetix. Here is my LinkedIn. I have some interesting opinions of digital marketing that you might be curious about, click here to see them.

I am working on my second novel, a comedy.

I am always working on new music. It's been a while since I last posted a new song, will try to fix that.

Find my music and previous novel here.

I don't do much social media. To contact me you can always go to my contact page by clicking here.

I like to travel. Been giving Europe a try these days. Most of my travel in the past has been to Asia.

I use the GTD method to stay on top of projects and my life. It also helps that I am a digital minimalist.

Last Updated: November 17, 2019

This page inspired by: Now by Derek Sivers.