Current Projects. This is also known as a NOW page.

What am I up to these days?

Like many people I am currently working from home and very thankful that I have the privilege to do so.

I live in Toronto, don't plan to move any time soon.

Professional stuff

I am the SEO and Performance Manager at HiMama. Here is my LinkedIn.

I'm an advisor for Loyal VC, helping startups with their digital marketing.

Every so often I teach at Ryerson University, helping students hit the ground running with hands-on digital marketing experience.

I also do consulting for lots of different businesses to help them with their digital marketing and strategy efforts.

Some fun stuff

I use the zettelkasten system for note taking. More info here.

I have a music project called Lost Astronaut. Check out the new album and music video for it here!

Find my older music and previous novel here.

Important note: I don't do much social media. To contact me you can always go to my contact page by clicking here.

I like to travel. Been giving Europe a try these days. Most of my travel in the past has been to Asia. Obviously my travel plans are a little delayed, but I can continue to dream about my next trip.

I use the GTD method to stay on top of projects and my life.

I'm still obsessed with watches. My current watch is a Casio Protrek PRG 650Y.

I've moved this whole website to GitHub Pages and use pure HTML. It was a fun conversion project! I also added links for everything I cite, as a backup, because I am obsessed with longevity.

I have a habit of distro-hopping when it comes to operating systems. I'm currently on Linux Mint.

Last Updated: July 27, 2021. This page inspired by: Now by Derek Sivers.