Current Projects. This is also known as a NOW page.

What am I up to these days?

Like many people I am currently working from home and very thankful that I have the privilege to do so.

I live in Toronto, don't plan to move any time soon.

Professional stuff

I am the SEO and Performance Manager at HiMama. Here is my LinkedIn.

I'm an advisor for Loyal VC, helping startups with their digital marketing.

Every so often I teach at Ryerson University, helping students hit the ground running with hands-on digital marketing experience. Due to Covid-19 I will be teaching my next few classes via videoconference, it's an interesting experience!

I also do consulting for lots of different businesses to help them with their digital marketing efforts.

Some fun stuff

I use the zettelkasten system for note taking. More info here.

My music project is live! Check out the new album and music video for Lost Astronaut!

Find my older music and previous novel here.

Important note: I don't do much social media. To contact me you can always go to my contact page by clicking here.

I like to travel. Been giving Europe a try these days. Most of my travel in the past has been to Asia. I'm sad that I wont be travelling this year, but I can continue to dream about next year.

I use the GTD method to stay on top of projects and my life.

I'm still obsessed with watches. My current watch is a Casio Protrek PRG 650Y.

I've moved this whole website to GitHub Pages and use pure HTML. It was a fun conversion project! I also added links for everything I cite, as a backup, because I am obsessed with longevity.

I have a habit of distro-hopping when it comes to operating systems. I'm currently on Linux Mint.

Last Updated: May 24, 2021. This page inspired by: Now by Derek Sivers.