Last updated: April 5 2019. (so you know this is actually fresh!)

What am I working on?

Since this website isn't a blog, this page is where you'll find information on stuff I'm working on right now.

Life Stuff

I live in Toronto, don't plan to move any time soon.

Profession: Manager, Digital Strategy @ Kanetix.

I teach digital marketing at Ryerson University once in a while and I'm a digital strategy advisor for Loyal VC, a venture capital firm here in Toronto.

Being a creative type I am always working on new music and writing.

Find my music and previous novel here.

I did dry January this year, it was pretty cool.

I did the Digital Declutter by Cal Newport. From it, I have decided to stop using much of social media. Use the contact link above if you wish to get ahold of me.

Bigger Projects

Toronto Booze Hound

The website I co-created that covers craft beer, wine & spirits in Toronto and Ontario. Find it here.

Dungeons and Dragons

I currently DM for two D&D groups and I am a player in a third.

Beyond Keywords Podcast

This is a podcast about advanced digital marketing. I do interviews and such. Find it here.

This page inspired by: Now by Derek Sivers.