Current Projects & More

Life Stuff

I live in Toronto, don't plan to move any time soon.

I am the Manager, Digital Strategy at Kanetix. Here is my LinkedIn.

I am working on my second novel, a comedy.

I am always working on new music.

Find my music and previous novel here.

I don't do much social media. Once a month I generally post an update on my private Facebook just for family and close friends. To contact me you can always go to my contact page by clicking here.

Going to give KoHo a try, will write a post if it's interesting. Click here to learn more about KoHo.

Currently working on making this website easier to use for those with disabilities. My goal is to make it AODA compliant. More info on AODA here.

Tools I Like:

Standard Notes

An encrypted note taking app that syncs across devices. Incredibly good and privacy centric with longevity as a major pillar. To learn more about Standard Notes click here.


An email service with end to end encryption. All my personal email is done through this. To try out ProtonMail click this link.


This is the CMS I use for - it is open source, fast (all pages are static!) and beautiful. I made the theme myself but it was insanely easy. I highly recommend it to everyone. You can check out Ghost here.

Bigger Projects

Toronto Booze Hound

The website I co-created that covers craft beer, wine and spirits in Toronto and Ontario. Find it here.

Dungeons and Dragons

I currently DM for two D&D groups and I am a player in a third.

Beyond Keywords Podcast

This is a podcast about advanced digital marketing. I do interviews and such. Find it here.

Last Updated: October 10, 2019

Inspiration: Now by Derek Sivers.