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What do I do?

Current consulting capacity: Available.

Startups and small businesses have two things they can spend: time and money. Both of those resources are extremely tight.

My job is to make sure that every dollar and hour you spend on digital marketing gets you the highest return possible.

I've been doing this for over a decade now and have helped companies go from 2 person teams to global phenoms.

Some Testimonials

"Kole is one of the best digital marketing minds I have worked with. He is strategic and takes the time to understand client needs, budget, and objectives. For small to medium sized organizations, the importance short term ROI on marketing dollars cannot be underrated. Kole is great at delivering those short-term tactical wins while also building the foundation for long term strategic success."

- Tanaya Jain - Director, Marketing and Growth - SCMAO

"Kole was able to run a thorough review of our site, and gave a detailed and practical report, with thoughtful insights and recommendations that we're now able to work on. In the world of SEO where a non-expert can easily be hoodwinked, he's a really trustworthy partner. Thanks Kole!"

- Alexandra Lamb - Co-Founder and CEO - Boldly

"Kole is a Google genius. He is an exceptionally skilled professional with a deep understanding of Google's ecosystem. His ability to swiftly address challenges is truly remarkable, often resolving issues within mere minutes. His analytical prowess allows him to identify and rectify gaps in anyone's strategy with a level of expertise that is truly exceptional. Remarkably, Kole's knowledge of Google products surpasses that of even some Google employees—a testament to his unparalleled mastery in the field. (I can attest to this from my frequent interactions with Google personnel in the past.)"

- Mehul Sompura - Founder and CEO - Diamond Hedge - As seen in: The New York Times, US Weekly, Vogue, Forbes and more

Some important info:

Currently available packages:

The Complete Engine - My Recommendation!

SEO, CRO, Analytics, Strategy

I'll help you build an engine that will get you results for years to come.

Maybe you've worked with an agency, maybe you got advice from trusted sources, maybe you spent weeks learning as much as you could about digital marketing but you just aren't getting the results you need.

That's where I come in.

Instead of telling you how to get more likes on Facebook or what your brand should feel like, I analyze every part of your business and website with an eye for pure performance.

What I will look at:

The audit includes:

The strategy will outline next steps for all of the above in detail.

Getting traffic to your website is tough, turning that into sales is also tough, I make sure you can do both at the highest level of efficiency.

You are not required to have been doing any SEO, CRO or analytics work ahead of this audit.

Best for: companies ready to get the most possible performance from their website and digital campaigns.

Price: $5000 one time fee.

The Knowledgable Startup

SEO Audit + Google Ads

By popular demand! You'll get a full SEO audit of your current website and strategy. This package works wether you have an SEO agency now or not. You'll also get a fully built Google Ads campaign that will get you fantastic results for your business in the short term while the SEO builds.

Audit covers:

SEO audit deliverable: a thorough document covering everything found in the audit, step by step instructions on how to fix any issues and a detailed plan for next steps. Also includes a meeting to go over the entire audit in detail.

Google Ads deliverable: An affective Google Ads campaign set up to get you the best results for your business. This includes the creation of the campaign, keyword research, technical set up of conversion tracking and copywriting of ads (only published with your approval).

Best for: startups who know what they want: SEO for the long term and a well optimized Google Ads campaign for the right now.


SEO Audit: $2500 One time fee. (many people will pause or cancel their current SEO contract with their agency and do this with that month's budget)

Google Ads: 15% of total Google Ads monthly spend.

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