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In today's episode of Beyond Keywords I go over how to market when you don't have a budget. I also talk with Diana Goodwin.

Who is Diana Goodwin?

Diana is the founder and CEO of Aquamobile, an on demand swim service that was featured on Dragon's Den and is currently operating across three countries. Here is a blurb from her LinkedIn that gives you some insight:

"In 2015, Diana won the $100,000 Telus/Globe and Mail Small Business Challenge. In 2014, she was awarded the Toronto Region Board of Trade Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year award and was an Honoree for the United Nations Empact Showcase, which singles out the best companies started by young entrepreneurs. In addition to being profiled in Forbes, Inc., Success, Huffington Post, Techvibes, Mashable and The Globe and Mail, Diana has pitched on CBC’s Dragon’s Den."

Oh, and she bootstrapped her business from her own limited bank account at 19, talk about building a business with no budget!

Check out their swimming lessons series here.

Show Notes

Here is a quick summary of what I talk about - you'll get WAY more detail if you listen to the episode though:


You'll be trading your time for budget. Which can be a negative if you are running a startup - your time is extremely valueable.

This is why I talk about how to automate as much as possible. This includes social media automation, email automation and more. Below you'll find links to the tools I suggest.

Okay, what do I do?

First, you have to better understand your core audience. When you fully understand what gets those people to act, you then can shape how you do your marketing.

From there you can create a quality content strategy as well as PR.

But wait, do this first!

Make sure your landing page is prepared. I'm not talking about just having it exist...

You need to have Google Analytics.

Having Google analytics is important for two reasons. One obvious, one you may not think of:

When you get a great idea, or put out a kick ass press release or a piece or content goes viral, you'll get a massive influx of traffic.

And then those people disappear forever.

But they don't have to.

With Google analytics you can easily create remarketing lists based on the people who visited during this viral period and then market to them in Adwords, Gmail and even DBM. If you don't have a budget now, when you do you'll be able to advertise to these people and remind them you exist!

The second reason harkans back to the first episode of this little podcast: you can better learn who your target audience is. Google has a huge amount of tools that can help you see demographical information, technological info and more about the people who are most interested in your product.

Also make sure you have an email collection strategy involved.

Along with all this I talk with Diana Goodwin.

Read up on the laws

  1. CASL
  2. GDPR

Some of the tools talked about in today's episode:

  1. Ifttt
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Active Campaign
  4. Mautic
  5. Google Analytics

The tweet I mentioned:

Why would an agency ever write content about doing marketing with no budget? Won't that just get you low-budget inquiries?

Genuinely curious here.— John Doherty 🤓 (@dohertyjf) April 11, 2018

Where can I find it?

You should find it on your podcasting app of choice!

Or, just listen to it here:

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