Why you should make decisions without data, a case for empathy - Beyond Keywords Podcast

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Digital marketing has a problem

We  focus far too much on data for our decision making. I get it, for the  longest time I also did the same. The issue is that not all questions  can be answered with numbers.

This podcast talks about empathy  and why understanding your customers is far more important than any data  point you'll ever get through your analytics platform of choice.

Important note

I  am still an advocate for data and analytics but I think the industry as  a whole has swung far too much to that side. In a perfect world we  would be somewhere in the middle.

Okay, where can I Find the episode?

All over the place!

It should be available in your podcasting app of choice including Spotify, Pocket Casts, Google Play and more.

OR you can listen to it here:

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