Preparing for the End of Clicks Ft. Rand Fishkin - Beyond Keywords Podcast

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In this podcast I talk about a certain end times.

The end of clicks as we know it!

If we go back in time you may remember when things were a lot easier in the digital marketing world. If you knew a little SEO you could get to number 1 for lots of terms in no time, if you learned to set up SKAGS you could get insanely cheap clicks on Adwords and social media simply didn't matter, but hey, if you cared, you could buy 2000 Facebook likes for a couple bucks.

We all know those times are over, but is it about to get even tougher?

A recent article of mine discussed a lot of recent data I've found on clicks. Instead of reiterating it you can... Well you can listen to the podcast (links below) or check out the full article here.

It paints a scary picture, so this podcast is about helping you prepare for this and come up with ways to still get some form of return when the click wont happen anymore.

Rand Fishkin

I also talk with Rand Fishkin. If you work in digital marketing you probably already know who Rand is. Just in case you don't here's a quick summary:

Rand is the founder of Moz, formerly SEOMoz, a set of professional SEO tools. He also founded the new SparkToro, an audience intelligence startup that plans to shake up how a lot of people see influencer marketing and other forms of digital marketing.

You can also check out his book, Lost and Founder, here on Amazon (and because I rock, I didn't even use an affiliate code).

Okay, where can I Find the episode?

All over the place!

It should be available in your podcasting app of choice including Spotify, Pocket Casts, Google Play and more.

Or just listen to it here:

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