Beyond Keywords

Digital marketing has changed

It's time to take digital marketing to a whole new level. Messing around with keywords or A/B testing the colour of a button just don't cut it any more. I give you my thoughts and strategies sourced from years of experience in the industry helping some of the largest companies in Canada as well as numerous startups that have gone from no revenue to millions. Sometimes I get told how wrong I am by much smarter guests including CMO's, founders, digital masters and more.

Each episode of the podcast dives deep into immediately actionable strategies and ideas that take your thinking from the keyword level to the personal level in ways that can triple your margins.

Some guests include:

Rand Fishkin - Founder: Moz, Sparktoro
Tim Kilroy - CMO, Founder, Speaker and Mentor
Matthew Hunt - CMO: Powered by Search
Diana Goodwin - Founder: AquaMobile (seen on Dragon's Den)
Mark Evans - Author: Marketing Spark, Principle: ME Consulting

Where do I get it?

All over the place!

It should be available in your podcasting app of choice including Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts & more.

Current Episodes

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