Find out what Facebook, Google and Twitter think you're into and who you are

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It's kind of crazy!

This is a short post just to show you a cool feature I think most people don't realize exists for Twitter, Google and Facebook:

You can actually see what they think you are into based on what you post.

Are you a beer loving tech head like myself or do you prefer indie music and fashion?

Not only is it cool to see what these machines think you like, it also shapes the kind of ads you'll be shown.


Let's start with Twitter. Sign in and go to your settings in the top right.

Click on "Settings and Privacy".

Then on the left hand side go to "Your Twitter Data". You'll need to enter your password again at this point.

Scroll down to "interest from Twitter"

There'll be a link that says something like "You have 90 interests from Twitter." Simply click that and you'll see! You can even click on ones you aren't interested in. For mine it says I'm into marketing 3 seperate times, guess I'm REALLY into it.

This link may work if you are already signed in.


For Facebook it's a very similar process:

Sign into your account and click the little arrow beside the question mark on the top right. Then click on "settings".

From there look to the left and find "ads", click it! The top one is the most interesting: your interests".

Try this link if you are already signed in

Just like Twitter these are automatically generated by Facebook. While likes are involved it also uses what you posts and what you interact with most. Mine says I'm really into Digital Marketing, go figure.


You can also see this with Google - honestly I find this one to be the closest to who I am:

Try this link if you are already signed in

If that doesn't work go to your Google Account page and click on "Ads Settings" it's under Personal Info & Privacy in the middle of the page.

Have fun and see what the machines think you're into!

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