According to my 5 seconds of Googling it seems that about 8% of New Years resolutions are actually kept. There are lots of articles on the why of that so I don’t want to dwell on such negativity.

I wanted to write a bit of a personal note on how I handle such things.

You see, us folks with ADHD have this awful habit of jumping on new projects and getting way over excited. My old boss wrote about the phenomenon more in depth on his blog here.

I want to make this blog post a little more self serving though — I have a feeling it wont exactly help others. It’s kind of the dichotomy of my blog: some posts are for random visitors from Google or Hacker News and others are just personal diatribes for those close to me, this is the latter.

First I want to go over 2017. What did I accomplish in terms of personal goals (you know, the stuff that doesn’t include getting married, starting a new job or travelling the world.)

I have to admit, the following accomplishments were done basically by accident:

Read more.

I started reading my Kindle on the way to work every morning and it just sort of stuck. I am currently reading the Gunslinger series by Steven King and loving it.

Supporting my fellow artists

I decided randomly to start using Patreon and helping out the people whose work I enjoyed. This money goes directly to them every month and helps them budget and maybe even make a living off of their work.

Write better

Quality is subjective but I think my writing has improved quite a bit. This comes from writing projects such as Modern Human Beings that require much longer more thought out posts. I also started posting here more often with more interesting and in depths discussions.

Got a dentist and family doctor

I actually got a family doctor! I went and used my benefits for a massage! I started flossing because of my dentist, all great things!

Let’s go over the fun bit: where I dropped the ball


I made significantly more in 2017 than 2016 and yet I still don’t have a strong savings or proper investments. I believe my main downfall is not properly sticking to a budget. I also purchased a lot of things I didn’t really need.


While I did go camping and traveled, I believe I did not do it enough. I only did one proper camping trip last year and only a couple hikes.


While I did a few useful things I have not been very proactive about my health. I still don’t use my benefits enough.

What are my plans then?

I want to keep things simple. No huge life altering changes, just little goals that I think will help make me happier and healthier.

  • Budget better
  • Go camping more
  • Hike more
  • See a chiro and use my other benefits

What will I continue to do?

Just a few things:

  • Write better and finish my novel
  • Floss daily!
  • Use my bullet journal for personal thoughts more

So yeah, these aren’t really resolutions

More just ideas and random goals to continue to improve my happiness and health. I could have done this at any time of year, just decided to do it now. Hopefully I’ll continue to do so!