It Started with Links Pages

Remember when every website had a Links page? They were great! If you liked someone and trusted them, you could find a whole bunch of other people and websites to check out that you might like as well. In later years these were survived somewhat with blogrolls, but those were specific to other blogs where links could really link to anything.

I’m not sure when exactly people stopped adding them to their personal sites but I definetely remember it being essential to any website back in the GeoCities days.

I also remember having a Links page way back when I first learned how to build website in highschool, this was [REDACTED] years ago.

It’s possible that they went away because of the magic of search engines combined with social media. People don’t need to spend as much time looking for new things to check out. There are tons of services that find new things for you.

It looks like Wordpress got rid of them around 2012.

I still miss them though.

Let’s give Endorsements a try

Instead of a links page or blogroll, how about we show people the people, software and more that we publicly endorse. These can be tools we use to build D&D campaigns, websites we enjoy reading, charities we donate to and more, all organized in a single link.

I built one for my site if you want to see an example: Just click here.. It’s a dynamic page that I will always be updating with the things I use and websites I read.

These “Endorsement” pages aren’t for large websites or those corporate blogs with thousands of readers, they are for your average person with a small personal site - the kind of thing the Internet used to be all about.

Which brings me to a point: I wish the Internet was more personal again. A grouping of human beings. I’m a big fan of the Humans.txt innitiative and I think this plays well with it.

It doesn’t have to be complicated - just think of the things and people and stuff you would recommend, organize it in some logical way and make it into a page.