I am so frustrated!

I just got locked out of an important account because I honestly could not remember the answer to a verification question. This of course pissed me off and made me remember just how much I hate the entire idea of verification questions at all.

First of all: they aren’t secure.

As noted here with a little bit of Google-fu people can find the answers to most questions about family and anything outside of that can change with time or simply not apply.

I have a terrible memory. I honestly don’t remember the name of my first dog. I don’t know where my first date I ever was on was. Other questions like favourite movie could have lots of answers. Did I choose a classic from my childhood? Maybe something more modern that stuck with me? I don’t remember!

The worst part is that most companies that use them force you to have unique answers to each one - so I can’t just use it as a second password and remember this second password. I have to actually remember what I typed in. I simply can’t do this. Especially for less used or older accounts.

Another issue is that there is no “standard” set of security questions. This means I can’t just memorize a set of 5 answers that I use for everything.

It would be far more secure to let me use a password manager and 2-factor authentication over this mess.

With the current set up I am forced to call in to their call center - costing the company FAR more money than usual and I’m pissed off.