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In today's episode of Beyond Keywords it's time to take a BIG step back and figure out what the heck your customers actually want. I also talk to Matthew Hunt, the CMO of Powered By Search, a marketing agency here in Toronto that has built an "Intent Engine" to get the most our of your marketing.

Who is Matthew Hunt?

As mentioned, Matthew is the CMO of Powered By Search. He's been in the digital space for years (though was a theater actor originally!) He has spoken at numerous conferences on digital marketing and has informed the digital marketing of hundreds of companies including RE/MAX, FedEx, Chef's Plate and more.

You can find him on Linkedin Here.

Okay, where can I Find the episode?

You should be able to find it in your podcasting app of choice.

Or, just listen to it here:

Show Notes:

First of all yes, there is an outlook notification sound - couldn't remove this in post. You aren't missing a notification, it's accidentally in the recording!

Before you spend hours and days working on improving your quality scores, creating new niche SEO pages and messing around with placement bids you need to make sure all this work is going towards you getting clients that actually matter.

Who are your absolute best customers? Which ones make you the most money? Are they the ones you are evagenlists of your brand? The ones who spend the most in terms of life time value?

Once you understand these customers you need to figure out what they actually want. Are they a traditionalist or a digital native? How do they want to interact with your brand? How are they going to want to pay?

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