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It's not often that I come across a social network that pulls me in and makes me join even though no one I know is on it.

It really takes something special to do that and I have to admit, Curated is something special.

I use social media not as a way to connect with people - I can do that via text and the like. Messengers are far better at connecting me with friends and family than some kind of social network. I use it to find interesting new things.

That's the main value proposition of this network - finding interesting things, which they call content. They do this through several methods that I want to go over:

Shares and reviews

While almost all social network allow you to share things, Curated is set up in a very specific way. When you want to share something you can't just link to Amazon or a news article, you actually have to click on what it is.

Right now this includes books, movies and more. When you click that it has some form of internal database and then it shares it as a piece of content. It then asks you to add a "review" of it.

This wording is important. Instead of calling it a comment it assumes you are going to put WHY you liked this and wish to share it. This implies that you have consumed the content (read the book, seen the movie). Instead of encouraging a discussion like Facebook, it is more interested in your own thoughts, not reactions to someone else's. Of course you can write anything you want here so you could use it as a comment section, the wording helps stear people in a better direction.

All this naturally reduces how often you'll see news (especially fake news), clickbait and especially memes. Instead you'll see books, podcasts, video games and more.

It solves the curation problem

It was Seth Godin that mentioned it, though I sadly can't find the blog post where he says it. To paraphrase he mentioned that the future of the internet was curation - not creation.

The internet has already opened up for creators - anyone can post their work, be it music, writing or art. The hard part is finding the good work. Google does it's own curation and solutions like Reddit or review sites have helped, but they are only band-aids.

There is a glut of content and it's hard to find just the things you want. Curated steps in to allow you to find people into the same things as you, and then lets you relax and enjoy all the content.

I mention Reddit and many might think it is already the solution: while it has subreddits for almost everything and they created a way to mix subreddits, it still doesn't really have a way for you to find new things that are similar to your shared interests.

For example I am into minimalism, productivity and Android - while there are shared interests amongst people into those, they are all separated out into those subreddits.

Instead, Curated allows me to find people with those similar interests and then see what else they share - maybe there are books we would all be into?

The good

The curation is easy and I have already found interesting content to check out. They are constantly updating the app and listen well to user feedback.

No fake news or clickbait yet and not a single meme in sight.

The bad

First of all it is brand new. It currently only has an Android app but there is an iOs app coming soon. There is also the issue that it is best when you find lots of people with similar interest - since it is brand new that will be a challenge until they get more users.

Their privacy policy mentions it is subject to change without notice and does not say they will contact users if they make a change - I would recommend they change to say they will contact us if it changes.

A web version would also be great, but again this is brand new.

Go check it out here.

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