Kole McRae's Official Site

This is the home page.

Most people would use the navigation above to find what they are looking for. I would assume if you are here you have a reason and it isn’t curiosity about whom I might be.

If you need a little help I’ll give you a bit of a nudge:

You’re here so you probably know me. It’s possible you just want an idea of what I’m up to these days. The Current Projects & More page will help you out there.

This site isn’t a blog but I do have random writings. They are sometimes personal but I also share my expertise in the digital strategy/marketing field. You can find all these writings in my journal.

There is a slight possibility that you know about my creative products. If so, wow. Here’s the link to where I post them.

Finally, I’ll give you a favourite quote:

“We are so busy attending the merely urgent that we have no time for the truly important.” – Roy Williams